André Nanninga

Hoi 👋 my name is André. I'm a frontend developer focusing mostly on React, React Native and Three.js. You can usually find me in Brno 🇨🇿 or Groningen 🇳🇱

Currently I am working for

🎨 Tapart

Building apps, websites, audio- and multimediatours, experiences and other cool stuff for museums and the cultural sector.

At Tapart we are building a platform for museums and the cultural sector to easily create engaging multimediatours for their customers. We are using React Native to simultaneously target Android, iOS and dedicated hardware.

As we are startup with a small but dedicated team I take on most of the technical responsibilty. While my expertise is in front-end developing I find myself working on every layer of our stack regularly.

Among our clients are 🌻 Van Gogh Museum , Museum M in Leuven, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and Groninger Museum.

I am also working with Zupr to build their mobile apps.

Previously I also worked for

Bitsupply (now defunct) — Fullstack project working on integrating WebDAV support into a social intranet platform. The platform and integration were written in Node.js and React.

Buyways (now known as Opencii). — Fullstack development on webapps, using Meteor, mostly for clients in the public transport sector.

Windkr89 —

Aspin —

Get in touch 📨

Send me an email at or find me on Twitter and Github.