andré nanninga


My second time participating Ludum Dare wasn’t much of a success. The theme was Evolution and I made the above game called Rive.

The game is about a spacefaring being that can split with slight mutations, evolving over time. The goal is to avoid the asteroids or rocks with all of the different mutations. When a mutation collides with an asteroid is killed.

I still like this idea but my execution wasn’t very good. The difference between mutations was too small, the only parameters that changed were speed, agility and size, and not obvious to the player. Navigating the asteroid fields also becomes very difficult very quickly when you have to keep track of multiple screens at the same time.

These issues were also voiced in the comments of my entry and my final score also wasn’t very high. The only category where I made a little impact was innovation where I managed to get spot #83 out of 1406 total entries.

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